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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekly Poll Analysis

Weekly Poll Analysis

The graph above shows the percentage of voters on our weekly poll whether they have heard of online shopping before.
Out of the 10 votes we received, all of them (100%) have heard of online shopping.

This shows that online shopping is becoming common among people especially to those who surfs the web. Even to those who do not surf, they came to know about it from their peers and friends. Most of the people nowadays face computers more especially students and working people. They surf the web to get more information and for researching. They are constantly updated to the latest trends and information provided online advertising is becoming popular.

As the world is becoming borderless with the rapid growth of internet, online shopping is gaining more competitive edge since it brings much convenience to people.

Don't you think so?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How do you do Online Shopping?

Hello again, readers!

Now that we're through with the slight introduction to online shopping - How do you do it?

Well, no, a shopping bag with your newly-bought stuff doesn't pop out of your screen and lands on your lap right at home, but it's something pretty similiar.

1) First... FIND A SHOP! There are SOOOOOOOOO many e-shops out there, both international and local, so you wanna be careful about the shop's country of origin. You don't want to accidentally buy groceries from the Tesco in the UK, do you? That'd cost a bomb and your vegetables would rot on the way here. We'll be writing you soon about Malaysian E-stores later, so keep checking back!

2) SELECT YOUR STUFF! You'll know it's an online shop when you can see things like the following: -

Select Your Stuff

(LovingMinerals, Retrieved 26th May, 2009,
URL: http://lovingminerals.com)

As you browse through the e-shop's products and you come across something you like, you just click on the product's image to arrive at a webpage like this, which leads us to...

3) NOTE THE PRICE. Always, ALWAYS check out the price. Is it cheap? Is it worth it? Is it on sale? Is it Sold Out, and most importantly -

4) NOTE THE CURRENCY. Be especially wary of this if you don't want to accidentally spend too much on a product because you didn't notice that the price was stated in USD (US Dollar) and not in RM (Ringgit Malaysia). However, on a side note, you can shop from international sites, dear Malaysians, but you usually tend to pay more for shipping costs, or have to purchase above a certain amount before the company may provide free international shipping service.

5) CHOOSE THE QUANTITY/PRODUCT. In the above picture, the site allows you to select which three lip gloss colors you prefer. Some other sites might differ by instead allowing you to choose how many items of the same product you wish to buy, for example-

Choose The Quantity/Product(Crocs Malaysia, Retrieved 26th May 2009,
URL: http://www.crocs.com.my)

6) CHECK THE SHOPPING CART and CHECKOUT. After you've selected all you want to your cart (like your trolley) you just click on the button, and you'll arrive at a page like this:

Check The Shopping Cart and Checkout(LovingMinerals, Retrieved 26th May 2009, URL: http://lovingminerals.com)

Here you can find all the products you've selected, how much they cost, make final adjustments (quantity) and so on. If you don't want a product, click on the REMOVE checkbox. If you want to buy more, click on the CONTINUE SHOPPING button, then come back and hit the UPDATE button. When you're then, double-check your Sub-Total to see that they all add up, then CHECKOUT.

A small note: This system differs from blog shopping, where you usually e-mail the seller directly and commence negotiations and/or give your details.

7) PAYMENT AND MAILING ADDRESS. You will then be led on to pages where the site will confirm your current house address so they won't make the wrong delivery and let someone else get your stuff for free. Then, they'll also ask for payment details, such as-

Payment and Mailing Address
(LovingMinerals, Retrieved 26th May 2009,
URL: http://lovingminerals.com )

Here, you can change the address which you want the invoice to be sent to, and choose your payment method, which is Cash on Delivery or Credit Card & Bank Transfers.

With that done, the site will usually ask you to reconfirm all this information, and then congratulations! You've just done online shopping!!!

8) RECEIVE PRODUCT AND PAY UP. Yes, and now you wait. And pay the bill. 'Nuff said, ya? If any error occurs, just notify the site/seller. Oh yes, last but not least- ENJOY THE PRODUCT!

Was that easy? Was that hard? How did you find the process of online-shopping here folks? Do you think this process should be simplified or added onto so as to further ensure online shopping safety (maybe the site admins should call you to confirm your order)?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The disadvantages of online shopping


In the previous post, we've talked about the disadvantages of online shopping. When there's good there's obviously a bad to everything. Even online shopping! Before you hand over your credit card numbers to pay for that cute dress, you may want to Stop! and read this post before you buy.

The are just as many pitfalls to shopping as there are the perks, below are some of the major concerns and precautions to take while online shopping.

Privacy/ Security/ Identity theft is one of the reasons why many shoppers are cautious about shopping online. The possibility of hackers viewing your confidential information are high, therefore you should make sure that the site you are purchasing from is legitimate, secure and trusted.

Scams. The are cases where sites disappear after payments have been made and purchasers not receiving their products. The solution is to make sure that you are once again purchasing items from an online merchant that is legitimate and reputable.

Hidden costs. When purchasing items that need to be couriered to you, make sure you know the cost for the product to be shipped to your home. Or else, you might be left with a deep hole in your pocket for shipping costs for certain items are very high and can also be affected by the mode of shipping and the size and weight of the item.

Unable to touch, feel or try on the product. This is one of the major pitfalls of online shopping. While shopping online, you are not able to fully experience your product, sometimes leaving you unsatisfied with your product when it arrives, such as clothes that do not fit right, . The solution to the problem would be that you should carefully read the description of the product and ask the online merchant more questions (if you have to) in order to ensure you are buying a good product.

Item condition upon arrival. Sometimes, fragile items such as glass products, chinaware, breakable items in general may get damaged during the shipping process. The solution is to avoid purchasing these type of items since you can't be a hundred percent sure that your goods will arrive in one piece.

Time of delivery. Sometimes your purchased items may take longer than expected to arrive due to some kinks in the delivery process especially when you are purchasing from overseas sites. The solution would be to ensure that the courier service that you are using is a reputable one.

These are some of the disadvantages to online shopping. However, do not let them stop you from shopping online. Just take note of the precautions that you should take and you should be fine.

Do you think that the disadvantages of online shopping is preventing online shopping from becoming more popular?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Advantages Of Online Shopping

After the introduction and history,
you may want to stop and place your interest on this post before you shop!
I'll briefly list down some of the benefits of online shopping to put aside the negative thoughts since online shopping is warming up on the fast lane with the fast-paced growth of Internet.

You just sit on your computer chair and you can start shopping for something that grabs your interest!
Just simply browse thru the page how many times you want and whichever page you want without having those sales promoters' eyes preying for you.
You don't need to worry about dressing up on a Sunday for shopping malls and boutiques and thinking about the traffic jams you will encounter, parking bays are out and the crowds you need to deal with in shopping malls really increase the amount of laziness in you.

It's indeed less time consuming and everything can be done in just a single click of the mouse.
Stop the fuss of bargaining and queuing at the counter. I bet the cashiers want a break especially during festive seasons.

Some of the items sold online are offered at affordably lower prices than elsewhere.
You might even get them for cheaper prices when they are on sale.
This is because most of them doing online business alone doesn't have to bear the rentals of shops, the fixed costs like electricity and water bills, etc etc.

Well, some of those who might have noticed the fashion and beauty magazines especially from Taiwan and Japan are showing a lot of nice, trendy and seasonal clothes. Those who prefer them may as well prefer online shopping! Most of the clothes selling online are of those trends.
Or maybe you have your delightful eyes on those really awesome potteries and tea sets laying on top of a table spread of laces and flowers prints~
No wonder you can't find them much anywhere in our shopping malls. x)

Through the models they showed, you can eventually scrap some of the skills of the stylist or the designer!
You can know the different ways of dressing and the manners of putting things in an interesting and unique way to portray your personality.

Do you think online shopping offers products that suits one's specific personality better?


Monday, May 18, 2009

The History of Online Shopping.


Welcome back, readers!

So, after the introduction to online shopping, one wonders where did it all start from?

Now online shopping began quite recently - some 10 years back more or less, with the rising of the two giants in the world of e-shopping : EBay and Amazon.

Back then, most businesses were just getting better acquainted with the Internet. If my classmates would recall from our last couple of classes, you'd remember that the Unites States had opened the Internet for commercial use only in 1992. Later in 1995, NSFnet shifted this connection to commercial networks, allowing even more people to gain better access to the Internet.

So while a majority of companies were just getting started, EBay and Amazon were already thriving and becoming huge successes in their own right.

For instance, EBay used the concept of a garage sale online, where users could big for used or overstocked items of all sorts. Elsewhere, Amazon began by revolutionizing the conventional bookstore with it's concept of selling books through the web, utilizing the Internet's endless space instead of tiny, limited book shelves in bookstores.

Mark Etinger, The History of Online Shopping [Online], Retrieved 17th May 2009.
URL: http://www.submityourarticle.com/articles/Mark-Etinger-4346/daily-steals-52139.php

Of course, since then, the amount of online shopping sites and blogs have increased faster than one can imagine till today, where the idea of not being able to order McDonald's online is ridiculous.

Well, Malaysia eventually hopped onto the online shopping e-wagon some indefinite years later, and while you can still shop on EBay from here, we have our own share of homegrown sites similiar to EBay such as http://www.malaysiaonlinestore.com/ and http://www.lelong.com.my
. and hundreds more.

Finally, I personally think that though online shopping is so common nowadays, even in Malaysia, it would never have become so popular if it weren't for the quick evolution from dial-up Internet to broadband.

After all, can you imagine what it'd be like just sifting through the amount of things for sale and placing a bid on a product at a painful speed of 56.6Kbps tops? EXCRUCIATING!!! I'd rather kick the computer and head on out to a real shop.

But here, readers! Knowing now that online shopping relies so completely on the Internet, and subsequently the computer (no computer no Internet access, right?), what kind of disadvantages can you forsee for this kind of e-commerce? I'd like to hear your thoughts!

The History Of Online Shopping
Whyatt, Online Shopping Cartoon [Online], Retrieved 17th May 2009.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is online shopping?


In this era, almost anything can be achieved over the Internet. With services such as e-banking, e-learning sites, e-mail, e-TV, e-dictionaries and so on, services over the Internet are a savior for those who don't have the time or are just too lazy to step out of home. Once again with the dandy use of the Internet, life got even easier! With e-shopping that is! Better know as online shopping or e-commerce.

Don't know what is online shopping?

In short, online shopping is where YOU the e-shopper browses, orders and purchases products or services over the Internet. With a few clicks of your mouse and filling out a few details such as your mailing address, contact numbers and payment method, VOILA! your desired product is packed up, on its way to your merry home.

Woman's Day Website, Online Shopping With Heart, by Cheryl Solimini [Online] Retrieved 17 May 2009.
URL: http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Family-Lifestyle/Holidays/Online-Shopping-With-Heart.html

You can buy literally almost anything over the Internet these days, ranging from items such as clothes to shoes, cosmetics, accessories, books, plane tickets, medicine, food products, electronic products and and services such as flower bouquet deliveries, catering services, gift basket deliveries and the list is just endless. Some of the products provided in these online shops are also not available locally and normally products sold through online stores are cheaper compared to those you buy in a store.

Online shop directories such as http://www.emmagem.com/ and http://www.shoppy.com.my/ are up to date directories which makes the search for an online shops local and international so much more easier. These online directories also provide you with updates of online shops which are having sales or have new products available.

Now, more and more shoppers slowly turning to shopping online instead of going to the malls, boutiques and shops where conventional trade used to take place.Soon enough, the world will catch on with the online shopping craze thanks to the conveniences it provides.

What do you think, readers? Do you agree that Malaysia will soon turn completely to online shopping, or will retail shops prevail?

Write us your thoughts! Till next time, see you!