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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekly Poll Analysis

Weekly Poll Analysis

The graph above shows why people DO NOT prefer to shop online based on security, quality, and both security and quality options. Out of the 6 votes, 2 votes (33%) goes to security purposes, none voted for quality and 4 votes (67%) goes to both security and quality.

Through this graph, we can conclude that most people are concerned on security and quality purposes rather than quality alone. If they are rest assured in terms of security and quality of products are satisfying, customers will eventually build more trust in online shopping, which proves to be a risky action especially to new online shoppers.
Security purposes are taken into consideration because some people feel that quality doesn't matter much as long as they are secured.
Quality is not something we can argue because we have to be mentally prepared to not get the product as we perceived on how they will be. Usually goods on cheaper price turned out not as they are, such as lower quality, different product, or something which is similar of function to ordered items.
Of course, majority will prefer to have both so they can benefit from online shopping.

Thus, what's your opinion? Do you think you will continue to shop online if the goods' quality is not guaranteed but security is?