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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekly Poll Analysis


Weekly Poll Analysis
Hello Readers! Here's the result of our final poll on this blog, and perhaps everyone was very busy, because we've got only 2 voters! Our question was "Where would you prefer to sell/auction your goods?" , meaning would you rather sell your stuff in a real shop that people can visit physically, or would you prefer to sell it on your blog/site.

And the votes were split evenly, with one voter preferring to set up a real shop, and the other voter preferring to do it online!

What are my thoughts on this? Well then, it would really depend on what kind of product you're selling. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), like fruits for example, really cannot be sold online as it would spoil real quick, while other more durable items like books and clothes can be sold online.

Many factors chalk up to making that decision between setting up shop or setting up website. It could be preference, target audience (you going international or local?), type of product, the technological situation surrounding the seller and so on.

But I fear I might be repeating myself should I expound on all the above factors.

So, in grand summary (as this is our final post here!), we've learned that on the whole, online shopping in Malaysia is still very much at a fledgling stage. There's plenty more room to grow, plenty more room for awareness, and plenty more room for computer literacy skills and brilliant minds willing to take the risk and revolutionize the Malaysian shopping scene!

But we also learned that Malaysian shoppers are also very wise and streetsmart - they know not to simply click away their bank accounts! On the whole, we're all very careful people when it comes to money. Is it safe? Are you sure? Where's the catch? What if? What if? What if?

As a result, I really believe that this admirable attitude of being careful and great financial management skills will definitely result in a safer future of online shopping here. Malaysian e-shoppers certainly won't be too quick to be deceived, nor lured blindly into fraud, nor squander our money like a headless chicken too easily.

In closing, we the bloggers have learnt much from this experience, and we hope we have helped you readers to know a little bit more about online shopping in Malaysia. So, readers... next time you see that product picture with the "buy now" button next to it...


And remember all we've taught you.

Happy Shopping! Bye!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Podcast [Poll Analysis Week 8]

Today will also be another podcast post but its from one of our previous poll analysis titled
'Do you think online shops offer items/fashion you can't find in reality shopping?'

This podcast is much more special because it is in a Bahasa Melayu version. We basically talks about the week's analysis and what our voters voted.
To summarize, all of our voters voted a 'Yes' to our question and we, pretty much agree with them.
So enjoy this podcast on our views towards this week 8's poll analysis.
To see more on our analysis, click on the reference link below. :)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Podcast [When Things Go Wrong]

Hello, today's post will be a podcast from one of our previous post entitled
'When things go wrong'.
You may download it and feel free to listen to one of our works!

This podcast will be talking about what you can do in case any of these goes wrong when you do online shopping. It may be when your items arrive broken or destroy, your item doesn't arrive at all or maybe the wrong item was sent to you.
This post is posted on Thursday, 9th of July 2009.
For any written text, click on the reference link to the previous post.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Advertise here!


Hello readers! You can now ADVERTISE right here on Stop Before You Shop!

Yes, we're offering you advertising space right here! We charge according to ad size and duration (how long do you want us to advertise for you), and we'll even make the ad for you at an extra cost. We do advertisements using programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for non-animated ads, and Adobe Flash and Adobe Director for animated ads! Just send in your details and we'll get cracking.

Your ad will be placed on either of our columns, next to our widgets. And on request, we can even dedicate a post to reviewing and promoting your site!

As prices are based on the above requirements, please feel free to enquire within for more information!

You can contact us anytime at byb@mailinator.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What about them?


Good day readers! In our previous post we talked about some of the dilemmas that the online shopper faces. Now, what about the e-shop owner? Surely they have dealt with a couple of problematic customers along the way.

After having spoken with e-shop owners Samantha of Peaches & Pixies and The Peach Puff's Sabrina, here's a list of some of the problems faced by your local e-shop owners.

  1. Fake buys/orders
    Believe it or not, there still are people who are childish enough to pull this sort of stunts. The faker usually fills out the order forms place in the e-shop with details such as..( items that do not exist, fake names, fake addresses, contact numbers and etc..) which brings headache to the e-shop owner because he/she has many other order forms to sort out.

  2. Backouts
    Sometimes the buyer decides at the last minute that they do now want to buy the product after placing an order which highly complicates things for the e-shop owner.

  3. No shows
    For those who opt to pay and receive their products through COD, we all know that you set up a time, date and place to meet up with the e-shop owner to pay and collect your item. However, some e-shop owners prefer not to include COD in their methods of payment for some customers who decide not to purchase the product just do not show up and leave the poor e-shop owner waiting.

  4. Wrong info
    Sometimes the e-shop owner and the customers do get mixed up with locations or have got the wrong info on place, time and date. For example, if you said you want to meet with your e-shop owner at McDonalds, be sure to state which one specifically and get a confirmation because, who knows?! there may be 3 McD's in the same area.

Well, here are some of the common problems faced by e-shop owners. Now you know, its not only you who faces problems e-shopping, the people behind the e-shop does too.

Do you think it's easy being and e-shop/boutique owner?

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Weekly Poll Analysis


Weekly Poll Analysis

From the above chart, 5 voters (83%) agreed on addiction to online shopping
while 1 voter (17%) did not.

Why do you think there's a no to addiction and this trend is gaining popularity??

Well some people tend to get addicted to online shopping mainly due to price and time concerns, so that's why its getting popular among youngsters and working people. They think its a hip to be part of the online shoppers.
Some find it cheap and there's no fuss of going somewhere to buy something while some think otherwise. There are people who knows the danger that lurks behind this new trend that is gaining popularity thus did not get too involved with it.
Thou the prices are alluring but not everybody will be fished by them. Some of those who are smart and wise will think twice before making any purchase decision depending on their instincts towards the certain website.
For example, some sites looked phony and doesn't seem to attract and create the buying environment with lousy pictures and descriptions, and what's more, when guarantee is not stated whether the goods will reach or if the site can be trusted. But still, majority of them agrees on online shopping being addictive.

What's your opinion? Will you jump straight to buying conclusion without thinking twice?

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

When things go wrong


What do we mean when we said ' when things go wrong?' Although there are many pros to shopping online, there's bound to be some cons to it, right?

These are some of the things that CAN possibly go wrong.

ONE: Your items arrives destroyed/ broken.
This is bound to happen if you bought an item which is fragile and the merchandiser didn't bother to package it well to prevent spoilage. To avoid such incidents, refrain from purchasing items online which you know are fragile and are prone to breaking during its journey to your home.

TWO: Your item doesn't arrive at all.
This has happened to many where the merchandiser accepts the customer's money and then disappears without a trace. This is the reason why you should check the e-shop's comments column and/or c-box to be sure that you are dealing with a real/ responsible merchandiser.

THREE: The wrong item was sent.
This too has happened many a time where the merchandiser accidentally sent you the wrong item. If you are able to contact your ,merchandiser and explain that there has been a mix up, you should be able to get the right item if the merchandiser is cooperative.

There are more things that can go wrong when purchasing items online. Let's just hope for the best that your item arrives at your doorstep in one piece. For more tips and articles keep checking out our site. ;)

Have any of these incidents mentioned above happened to you?

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Poll Analysis


Weekly Poll AnalysisAs from the above graph, there are a total of 6 votes (100%) agreeing that online shopping is cheaper than reality shopping.

To describe in terms of marketing, online shopping is obviously cheaper because the goods shipped in doesn't have to go through distributors such as wholesalers and retailers thus minimizing the cost and the price will not be marked up in each level.

Furthermore, there's no need for promoters and staffs to sell off the items so their salaries are not counted in.

Other than that, there's no need to pay fixed cost such as shop rentals, electricity and water bills, and others.

So readers, do you agree that items going through intermediaries to be sold will have their prices marked up and sometimes to really unreasonable ones?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Symptoms and Effects of Online-Shopping Addiction


Hello readers!

Previously, we discussed the reason why online shopping addiction might occur. This is a relatively new kind of addiction, but one that is quickly growing.

Just a quick recap - people tend to get hooked onto online shopping because it's so convenient - everything can be done within a number of clicks. It's also quite fun to auction in real-time against other online-shoppers from around the world and to wait for that specific hour when the items go on sale (a promotion limited to online shops), and finally, it just eliminates the hassle of queuing up to pay for your goods.

But right now we want to discuss the symptoms of online addiction as well as its effects.

SYMPTOMS, meaning the characteristics of an online-shopping addict is:

  • You must grab hold of every sale available
  • You can't stand a day without the Internet and visiting your online shopping sites. Several times a day to check for the latest updates.
  • You enter the shopping site originally to buy just one item, but end up buying more than what you need.
  • Your credit card bill is sky high, and your bank account is almost six feet under before the month is through.
If you can identify yourself with any of the above, you might need to start taking steps to curb your issue before it becomes an all-out crisis. It is important to address the issue at once and not wait till it worsens, as an addiction to online shopping can cause -
  1. Depression - You hate it when you don't get what you want. You can't forgive yourself for not being able to get that thing before it got sold out. You just can't get e-shopping out of your mind because you don't feel good if you don't have those things.
  2. Debt - You buy, buy, buy and buy, until your income doesn't even cover all your expenses. And credit cards have that devious way of assuring you that "You can spend now, and pay me back later!", but a lot of us forget that, and before long, you have a frightening mountain of debt to pay, and you're lost.
  3. Powerlessness - It's gone out of control, and you can't stop! You have more than enough stuff, you don't even remember that you have so many, but you just can't help it! Those deals are too attractive to pass up! As a result, you feel like you have no control over yourself.
  4. Low Self-Esteem and Relationship problems - You can't pay your bills, you're in a horrible mood that you can't afford that fantastic item online, and what's worse - even though you can't afford it, you're still buying more things! You feel helpless, and such a failure, which lowers your self-esteem. This then directly affects your relationships, where you withdraw from your friends to mope about your problems. And like a problem that snowballs, your friends will notice that you have withdrawn, and finding you rather unfriendly, they too will withdraw from you, and the cycle of pain goes on.
As you can see, it's a very dangerous thing to be caught in addiction. However, there is always a way out of it! We'll be talking about how to break the habit soon, but until then, here's a question for you readers - What are problems can be associated with online shopping addiction?

Reference -

Untwist Your Thinking, What is a Shopping Addiction, untwist-your-thinking.com [online], retrieved 7th July 2009.
URL: http://www.untwist-your-thinking.com/shopping-addiction.html

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Profile Page!


Great news! We've just launched our PROFILE PAGE, and you can view it here!


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Poll Analysis - Week 8

Weekly Poll Analysis
Hello readers! Last week's poll question was "Do you think online shops offer items/fashion that you can't find in reality shopping?".

In other words: Do you think that online shops offer stuff that is not sold in local shops? Like Korean clothes and iPhones that have not been released in Malaysia... Or something like that.

And the poll has shown that ALL 8 voters have said "YES", whilst no one has said "NO".

Yes, I think it is true that you can get more things through online shops, as then your shopping mall is not limited to Malaysia, but to the entire world. Because even if the online shop is Malaysian-based, but they may be importing their goods from anywhere in the world!

I think a majority of users who purchase electronic gadgets (such as laptops, handphones) as well as imported fashion (from Korea, Japan etc.) all will agree that you can get better deals for so-called "rarer" items this way, as you don't have to travel overseas to get it or wait for it to be sold in retail stores in Malaysia to get it.

But if that is the case, and voters have unanimously agreed on this benefit of e-shopping, why is it that consumers are still reluctant to engage in e-shopping in Malaysia?
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

E shop GOOD? or E shop BAD!?


So, how do you know whether that e-shop is GOOD? or is it BAD?

I mean good or bad as in, can the e-shop owner be trusted? Does he/she send the goods on time? Are the products in good shape or damaged every time they are delivered? and etc.

Well readers, I've got a few tips for ya! And here they are! YAY!! *applause*

First, you should check if the shop is regularly updated. If it IS regularly updated, it should mean that the e-shop has purchasers. Which means that the blog is popular for their items as well as service which should be satisfactory, therefore the e-shop is trust worthy and is a good one.

Second, check out the chat box! Usually there will be a chat box/c-box/shout box located either on the left hand side or right hand side of the web page. Normally, previous buyers will write a small testimonial about the service and most of the time thanking the e-shop owner. Common sense would tell you, if there are a lot of good comments, the e-shop is good, and if there are a lot of bad ones, you know what it means.

Third, check out the comments. Comments posted by happy or angry buyers can be seen in the comment box provided by the e-shop. Just like the chat box, if there are a lot of good comments, the e-shop is A-OKAY, if not, you should really think twice, NO, think at least 10 times before purchasing from that particular e-shop.

Fourth, awards! Some of the best e-shops have been awarded recognitions or awards stating that they are one of the top e-shops. With these awards viewable on the right or left hand side of the web page, you are ensured that the e-shop is a efficient and reputable for its services.

These are some of the tips that we know of that will help you recognize whether the e-shop you are viewing can be trusted. But please do be careful, what we have provided in this post is not 100% a sure fire guarantee. Therefore, you should still take caution when purchasing from e-shops.

Thanks for reading and happy e-shopping! (:

What other suggestions would you suggest to tell if an e-shop is a good or bad one?

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