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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poll Analysis - Week 8

Weekly Poll Analysis
Hello readers! Last week's poll question was "Do you think online shops offer items/fashion that you can't find in reality shopping?".

In other words: Do you think that online shops offer stuff that is not sold in local shops? Like Korean clothes and iPhones that have not been released in Malaysia... Or something like that.

And the poll has shown that ALL 8 voters have said "YES", whilst no one has said "NO".

Yes, I think it is true that you can get more things through online shops, as then your shopping mall is not limited to Malaysia, but to the entire world. Because even if the online shop is Malaysian-based, but they may be importing their goods from anywhere in the world!

I think a majority of users who purchase electronic gadgets (such as laptops, handphones) as well as imported fashion (from Korea, Japan etc.) all will agree that you can get better deals for so-called "rarer" items this way, as you don't have to travel overseas to get it or wait for it to be sold in retail stores in Malaysia to get it.

But if that is the case, and voters have unanimously agreed on this benefit of e-shopping, why is it that consumers are still reluctant to engage in e-shopping in Malaysia?
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