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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekly Poll Analysis


Weekly Poll Analysis
Hello Readers! Here's the result of our final poll on this blog, and perhaps everyone was very busy, because we've got only 2 voters! Our question was "Where would you prefer to sell/auction your goods?" , meaning would you rather sell your stuff in a real shop that people can visit physically, or would you prefer to sell it on your blog/site.

And the votes were split evenly, with one voter preferring to set up a real shop, and the other voter preferring to do it online!

What are my thoughts on this? Well then, it would really depend on what kind of product you're selling. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), like fruits for example, really cannot be sold online as it would spoil real quick, while other more durable items like books and clothes can be sold online.

Many factors chalk up to making that decision between setting up shop or setting up website. It could be preference, target audience (you going international or local?), type of product, the technological situation surrounding the seller and so on.

But I fear I might be repeating myself should I expound on all the above factors.

So, in grand summary (as this is our final post here!), we've learned that on the whole, online shopping in Malaysia is still very much at a fledgling stage. There's plenty more room to grow, plenty more room for awareness, and plenty more room for computer literacy skills and brilliant minds willing to take the risk and revolutionize the Malaysian shopping scene!

But we also learned that Malaysian shoppers are also very wise and streetsmart - they know not to simply click away their bank accounts! On the whole, we're all very careful people when it comes to money. Is it safe? Are you sure? Where's the catch? What if? What if? What if?

As a result, I really believe that this admirable attitude of being careful and great financial management skills will definitely result in a safer future of online shopping here. Malaysian e-shoppers certainly won't be too quick to be deceived, nor lured blindly into fraud, nor squander our money like a headless chicken too easily.

In closing, we the bloggers have learnt much from this experience, and we hope we have helped you readers to know a little bit more about online shopping in Malaysia. So, readers... next time you see that product picture with the "buy now" button next to it...


And remember all we've taught you.

Happy Shopping! Bye!

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